Benefits of the Cloud

Hardware Refresh

You will never need to buy a computer again! Gone are the days of expensive hardware purchases every few years. With CompleteCloud you receive new servers, new virtual PCs, and new thin clients for $0 capital investment. Stop investing in deteriorating hardware. Save up to 50% on your IT budget when you free yourself from the endless cycle of hardware upgrades.

Disaster Recovery

During times of disasters and calamities, it is vital to keep important business data safe. The CompleteCloud uses virtual servers to keep your data backed up and secure in multiple off-site data centers. Our redundant data centers keep your computers running safely even if your office is hit by a tornado, fire or earthquake. The CompleteCloud gives you peace of mind and provides disaster recovery at a fraction of the cost.

Cloud Security

The CompleteCloud offers the most secure cloud services nationwide by ensuring the security and privacy of our clients sensitive data. We create a private cloud for each of our clients to ensure your severs sit on your domain behind your own firewalls. We use enterprise-grade hardware and anti-malware to provide a level of security usually unobtainable by small businesses.


Quickly grow or shrink your business without worrying about buying additional resources. The CompleteCloud gives you the power to grow your business rapidly, add users, create new servers, and adjust to variations. All without needing to plan hardware and software purchases. Our cloud computing technology and utility pricing model is all inclusive and makes budgeting for your growth easy and surprise free.

Unlimited Storage

Our unlimited cloud storage allows our clients to customize their online storage plans to meet their changing demand. The CompleteCloud provides an efficient way to allow your business to expand or shrink while eliminating the stress and costs that arise from monitoring and managing the need for additional space. There is no limit on the size of files that can be uploaded and zero worries about ever running out of storage.


Cloud computing allows you to work from any where, at any time, and on any device. All you need is an internet connection to work directly with your colleagues and clients. Your employees have full access to files, databases, and applications right from their mobile devices. All while the applications and data reside on our high performance, secure cloud data center so you never have to worry about compromising productivity or security.

24/7 Support

It is our goal to provide fast, informative IT support and services assistance when you need it. We do our best to keep you up and running by resolving problems quickly and preventing reoccurring issues. Only 1% of our users submit tickets daily and we handle 90% of those issues within 30 minutes with our top-level service.

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance represents the improvements needed to maintain a competitive edge and succeed in any industry. Our team has the ability to add, maintain or patch any software you currently use for your business. Our team of software engineers provide access to updated product versions and protection against the latest security threats.

Virtual CIO

To fully optimize business functions on a daily basis, it is essential to choose the right technology and service providers for your company. With IT Consulting your business will be thoroughly assessed, taking into account all technological requirements and allocated budget. This allows you to make better IT decisions to help boost revenue and streamline operations.