Backup and Disaster Recovery

Protecting your business data is one of the greatest challenges you have to deal with today. This daunting and underappreciated task is critical to keeping your business running and your data safe at all times. The CompleteCloud gives you peace of mind from disasters with a different approach to data backups and recovery.

The CompleteCloud provides a fully-integrated cloud backup that allows us to restore your data quickly and entirely, all the way down to the desktop level. We store your OS, data, and applications on virtual servers and then backup everything to another off-site data center. By storing your backups in two separate data centers, we provide an even higher level of disaster protection on both your end and ours.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Benefits:

  • Continuous data backups
  • Multiple backup locations
  • No equipment recovery costs
  • Fast Recovery
  • Peace of mind

Tegrit has got your back when disaster strikes.

Help me protect my business from disasters