Never Buy A Computer Again

Most of an IT departments budget goes toward upgrading their expensive hardware. Unfortunately, hardware deteriorates quickly and usually needs to be replaced every few years to avoid the need for increased maintenance and loss of efficiency. With CompleteCloud, you no longer have to invest into the never ending cycle of deteriorating hardware.

We will replace your entire organization's IT system with the CompleteCloud, providing a full hardware refresh for no capital investment. Your servers, PCs, LAN switches, WAN bandwidth, Firewalls, and more will all be kept up-to-date and performing at peak performance in our secure data centers. Our subscription model ensures you won't face any surprise expenses or capital cost related to your technology infrastructure.

The benefits of our Hardware Refresh are:

  • Savings - no more paying for hardware upgrades and labor-hours, save up to 50% on your IT budget
  • Upgrades - recieve new servers, new virtual PCs, and new thin clients for $0 capital investment
  • Up-to-Date - we make sure you have access to the newest operating systems, server licenses, and security tools
  • Support- we take sole responsibility in ensuring proper maintenance of your computer systems and networks

Tegrit has got you covered in the cloud.

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