Security in the Private Cloud

Are you hesitant to put you information in the cloud because of perceived security risks? This uncertainty stems from some providers not supplying information on what country your data resides in or even what server it is sitting on. With the right provider though, cloud security is far superior to anything your company could offer on-site.

CompleteCloud is the most secure cloud service nationwide when it comes to enforcing the security and ensuring the privacy of all our clients data. All of our clients receive their own private cloud that sits on their domain behind their own firewalls.

Your own personal, private cloud is housed in a secure data center that has multiple layers of both physical and digital security. The data center is monitored with bio-metric access, video surveillance, and on-site security guards to ensure your data is under maximum protection at all times.

Benefits of Private Cloud Security:

  • Enterprise-grade hardware
  • Enterprise level anti-malware
  • Digital and Physical Protection
  • Secure Data Center

You can trust the experienced team at Tegrit to keep your vital business data secure with the CompleteCloud.

Help me become more secure with the Private Cloud