Managed Services to Help You

Managed Services

Frustration isn't the only side effect brought on by incompetent IT repair technicians, costly IT bills qualify as a major one as well. Managed Services serve as an alternative and affordable means to locate and solve IT problems before they arise. Systems are proactively monitored and managed while swiftly devising solutions for any tech problem - giving you the chance to focus on business growth.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

During times of disasters and calamities, it is vital to keep vital business data safe. Picture yourself walking into the office one morning to find your servers completely destroyed by a recent flood, this means unsalvageable data, damaged equipment and serious downtime. Our affordable and efficient In-house backup technology protects data and help reduces unexpected expenses and costly downtime.

IT Consulting

To fully optimize business functions on a daily basis, it is essential to choose the right technology and service providers for your company. With IT Consulting your business will be thoroughly assessed, taking into account all technological requirements and allocated budget. This allows you to make better IT decisions to help boost revenue and streamline operations.

Network Security

Smooth business operations require efficient networks to facilitate communication with customers, suppliers and partners. To keep networks from the countless cybersecurity threats aiming to wreak havoc, security measures will be tailored to your company’s requirements. We safeguard networks from ever-evolving threats while enhancing overall functionality in the process.

Cloud Services

We can design a custom cloud infrastructure for your business, or get you setup with existing cloud services providers. Are you considering switching your e-mail service to the cloud? Let us help you migrate to proven solutions like Office 365 or Google Apps for Work. Not only can we get your business setup in the cloud, but we will take that one step further by monitoring and managing that infrastructure.


Revamp traditional data storage methods by transferring data off site, simplifying infrastructure, enhancing security and resource sharing all at a lowered cost. With advanced hosting and integrated virtualization tools, your company can benefit from operational insights, increased performance and a harder-working data center. Data is stored off-site

Email and Spam Protection

Cybersecurity threats don’t only target systems or servers, emails are also on the list. One security breach has the potential to completely compromise your business and the most essential channel of communication with colleagues, suppliers and most importantly - customers. Take no chances with email security by preventing spam from making its way into your systems and jeopardizing all your hard work.


IT budgets tend to have an unpredictable nature. With Hardware as a Service (HaaS), keeping track of tech-related expenditures is simplified and equipment and system replacements become less frequent. Devices are closely monitored and maintained, hidden fees are eliminated and you can even save on taxes since our services double as operating costs.

Microsoft Office 365

In partnership with Microsoft, our service offers the latest cloud-based app that increases employee collaboration and productivity. This means you’d be free to access files and work with colleagues on the go. Boasting applications such as Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, and Skype for Business, applications in Office 365 are Internet-based allowing you to share and edit files wherever, whenever and with whomever.